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2771 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, NY 1427

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A website for Kenmore Presbyterian Church in Kenmore New York.

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"An Introduction to the 'Enemies of Gratitude' Sermon Series

Howard Boswell

Preached by the Reverend Dr. Howard W. Boswell, Jr.

Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost, October 1, 2017

Kenmore Presbyterian Church

Kenmore, New York


Today, we begin a five week sermon series,

          based on an outline for a lectionary sermon series from

                   A Preacher’s Guide to Lectionary Sermon Series.

Methodist pastor, Brian Erickson built “Enemies of Gratitude”

          with this goal in mind, “This series offers

                   an opportunity to teach gratitude

                             by calling out the things that keep us

                                      from being truly grateful.”

In case you wondered, yes, this series is about stewardship,

          but it’s not about stewardship commitments or

                   church budgets or any of the other things

                             that make us approach the fall

                                      “with fear and trembling,”

                                                to borrow from Paul.


Instead, “Enemies of Gratitude” explores

          the source of all Christian Stewardship.

As many have said, we give from “an attitude of gratitude.”

We return to God a portion of the blessings we receive.

Yet, some things stand in the way of gratitude

          and we’ll look at five of them,

                   beginning today with “Nostalgia.”