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2771 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, NY 1427

(716) 875-7600

A website for Kenmore Presbyterian Church in Kenmore New York.

Core Beliefs

As Christians, we believe in the Trinity, Jesus as fully human and fully divine, and the Bible as God’s Word. As Protestants, we believe that God accepts us through grace alone by faith alone as we learn in scripture alone. As Presbyterians, we believe that God reigns over the whole world in righteousness and love. This belief leads us to believe that God chooses us for service as well as for salvation. Also, we believe in order within the church according to God’s word. Belief in a God who creates and sustains the world in love leads us to know that we are stewards of all we have and of the creation. We acknowledge people can follow other gods and seek to rule over others, so we work within the world for change by seeking justice and living lives obedient to God.