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2771 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, NY 1427

(716) 875-7600

A website for Kenmore Presbyterian Church in Kenmore New York.

Congregational Care


Whenever we ask members what they appreciate most about Kenmore Presbyterian Church, they say, “the people.” The congregation cares for one another and enjoys sharing fellowship with one another at our weekly Coffee Hour from September through June. Also, we have congregational dinners once a quarter at least. 

Through our Board of Deacons, we maintain regular contact with our homebound members. Also, under the Deacons, Shepherds make calls to all members three times a year. The pastor provides pastoral care and counseling to any who need a caring ear. 


Deacon’s Scholarships:

A Living Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in the fall of 1976 for the purpose of assisting high school seniors or college students in financing their college or higher education endeavors. Because there was not enough memorial money to sustain it as such, the award was changed to the Deacons’ Scholarship Award in the fall of 1987. The Board of Deacons is currently funded through envelope donations made on Communion Sundays and a portion of this is put into the Scholarship Fund. The fund also received some income as interest from a bequest so designated as well as an occasional small bequest made through the Memorial Committee.

The Scholarship Fund is administered by the Board of Deacons through its Scholarship Committee. This committee consists of the Treasurer and Deacons to be appointed by the Moderator.

In the spring (March/April) of each year the Board of Deacons will advertise the availability of this scholarship award through the church bulletin and the Crossroads. The Christian Education Committee will also be notified and asked to relay the information to Senior High Fellowship and Senior High Sunday Class. Those interested in applying may pick up an application form (see attached) from the Church Office. The completed application form must be returned to the Church Office or given to a member of the Scholarship Committee no later than mid-June of this year.

Once the deadline is passed, the committee will meet to consider the applications. Personal interviews may also be arranged if the committee so desires in order to clarify information presented on the application or to meet the applicants if they are not well known by the committee members.

The Scholarship Committee will make its recommendations to the board at the May meeting. Upon board approval those receiving an award will be so notified and the awards will be given out on Graduation Sunday.

The Scholarship Committee will be guided by the following criteria:

A. Eligibility: preferences in the following order:
1) High School Seniors who are members of Kenmore Presbyterian Church.
2) College students and post-high school students (vocational training, etc.) who are members of Kenmore Presbyterian Church.
3) The above who are not members but participate in Kenmore Presbyterian Church organizations and/or activities.

B. Priorities:
1) Major emphasis:
a. Current and past participation in the life and outreach of Kenmore Presbyterian Church.
2) Other considerations:
a. Activities outside the church such as community and School.
b. Financial need.

C) Amount of Award: *
1) Maximum $400.00
2) Minimum $250.00
* The amounts above could be changed by the Board of Deacons if the Scholarship Fund increases significantly in future years.

Please note: It is expected that the recipient(s) use the scholarship award towards school or educational expenses. The award is not to be used for recreational or social expenses.

(Updated May 2, 2019)

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